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    No MagicMouse in Boot Selection?

    I have successfully installed Bootcamp and Windows7 on my iMac 27 Late 2010. However, there is one odd issue. When I boot the iMac and hold the option key to get to the OS selection state, the Magicmouse does not work. I have to use the keyboard to select either Windows7 or OSX. If OSX boots, the Magicmouse works fine. If Windows7 boots, I still don't have access to the Magicmouse for a lengthly time, when all of a sudden it sometimes starts working.

    A normal USB mouse works fine both in the Boot selection and Windows7.

    I can't find anything in a search about this particular problem, so I was wondering if anyone else has seen this and has a solution?

    Thanks in advance.

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    That's because the Magic Mouse is BT and the BT drivers are not loaded until Windows boots past the system start. The same thing occurs when you press the "Option" key during the boot selection time. You just have to get used to using the keyboard until the system is up and running.

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    The interesting thing about this is on my iMac G5 iSight with 10.5.8, I can use both my Magic Mouse and Logitech MX-900. Both Bluetooth. Sometimes it takes a few seconds but they do work. Just did it the other day when booting from my external FW drive so I could test something in 10.4 Tiger.

    I will try it on an Intel Mac and post back.

    With Windows though the MM is not going to work until Windows loads the BT driver.

    EDIT: On my Intel Mac Mini C2d with 10.6.4. Held Option at startup. MM worked. Turned off MM and back on, in 5 seconds or so MM worked at the boot menu.

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    Interestin, thanks vey much for the replies. I will check this out again as soon as possible. Maybe I have to see if I can speed up the BT drivers in windows, as 5-10minutes is a tad long.

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