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Thread: Magic Mouse hangs

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    Magic Mouse hangs
    I am new to the mac world. I have an iMac (Intel core 2 duo bought in April of this year). I have installed Win 7 using boot camp. The problem is that the magic mouse hangs when trying to use win 7. It will work fine and then hang for now reason sometimes for 5 or more minutes at a time. The keyboard works the whole time but the mouse doens't move at all. I've a bunch of different surfaces etc the usual t/s steps for a mouse issue but can't seem to correct it. The drivers are updated and all as well. Any suggestions would be helpful. No the answer is not don't use win 7!

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    I think this issue has arisen a few times before for other people and unfortunately there dosn't seem to be a solution to this problem yet i'm afraid

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