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    Visual Studio - Emulation or Op system required?
    I've heard a rumour that I might be able to run Visual Studio via an emulation for windows instead of having to actually install windows. Is this possible?

    Also, I heard to install windows I'd have to format my entire drive... that means losing OSX and everything I have saved. This seems kind of fishy to me honestly but I'm new to the Intel idea of compatibility as I just purchased my MBP in August. I'm really not Mac savvy to begin with (I just love the product).

    So, I guess it boils down to:

    Do I need windows to run Visual Studio?

    If so, how do I go about installing it?

    Is windows 7 compatible?

    Can I emulate the environment to run Visual Studio?


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    You do need Windows to run VS and the system requirements are fairly high depending both on what version you're running and what you're developing. What version are you using?

    As for virtualizing it (with something like Parallels, Fusion or VirtualBox), it may be possible depending on your answer to the previous question.
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    I'm not really sure. I don't have VS yet, I need to get ahold of it. Likely 2010. I've got the base model MBP with the backlit keyboard. I'm pretty newby when it comes to mac honestly.

    I should have enough power to run it tho. Can I use windows 7? But, if it's possible to get around needing windows I'd be happy cause it seems like a pain in the rump to be honest.

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