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    Can't install some drivers on Boot Camp
    Hello people,

    I just started using MBP and I cant setup my boot camp properly. I installed XP SP 2 and used Snow Leopard DVD to install the drivers but when I complete the setup and go to system menu on control panel, I get this picture..

    I googled a lot but couldn't find any solution to this. I'd be thrilled if anybody could help me out on this problem.

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    I assume you have run Setup.exe to install the Bootcamp drivers from the Leopard DVD?
    Once that is done, you may need to reboot for the drivers to apply.

    You can get an update for latest drivers here:
    Boot Camp Software Update 3.1 for Windows 32 bit

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    Hey pjhutch, thanks for the reply. I restarted it but still I get the same screen. Going to check if 3.1 will work.

    I ran setup.exe to install the drivers before, would it still work if I install them one by one?

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    Boot Camp 3.1 might help, but it looks like you haven't installed all the drivers from your Snow Leopard DVD. You're missing the audio, video, and BT drivers. Are you sure you ran the driver install properly? All you really have to do is insert your SL DVD while Windows XP is running and the drivers will install automatically.

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