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    Question How to get full trackpad functionality on Windows partition
    I hav a MBP w/ both Snow Leopard & Windows 7 64-bit via BootCamp. I noticed that 2-finger horizontal scrolling doesnít work in many programs (eg IE8). Also, the trackpad is quite sensitive to the slightest of touches and will often be in click-mode when I just meant to move the arrow (eg it will highlight text or drag windows when I donít mean to). Is there a way to fix these problems and/or tweak the properties of the trackpad, perhaps through some third party program? (I already explored Mouse properties from Control Panel and lowered the lines per scroll for the vertical scroll of the trackpad because it was too sensitive).

    Finally, and this is less imperative, but would still be really neat if it could be done: Is there a way (eg through some third party program) to make available the other functionalities of the trackpad (pinch zoom, rotate, etc)?

    Even better would be to be able to use even more trackpad motions (eg 3, 4, & 5 finger swipes, taps, etc) and assign what each motion does like via Better Touch Tool for macs (which is what I use on my Mac side - a phenomenal app!)

    Is there a way to do this or any of the other above mentioned things? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Have you tried to set the Trackpad options from the Boot Camp control panel item in the Windows 7 Control Panel? Two ways: System Notification tray (bottom right side, small black diamond) or open Control Panel and click on the Boot Camp options. Now look for the Trackpad settings....

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    I did. But it's so limited. I mean basic functions work, but it's the rest of the functionalities (universal horizontal scrolling (ie not just in certain programs), pinch zoom, rotate, 3-finger swipe, know, stuff that comes so naturally in the Mac partition) that I am looking for. There is also no way to alter the sensitivity of the trackpad.

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