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    making a live USB stick from openSUSE downloaded to mac to install on PC
    I'm a linux newbie - have been wanting to check it out for a while. Love my mac, but am helping a friend configure her new laptop, so now's my chance.

    I downloaded openSUSE 11.3 to my MacBookPro, whose disk drive has been broken for some time now. I want to install to her new msi cr610 laptop that shipped WITHOUT windows. I could order the box with an install disk and printed manual, but if there's any way of creating a bootable USB stick from the download I did to my mac, that would be great. I'm dying to get started!

    Burning a live DVD is another option but from what I've read it sounds complicated. Plus, the download is here on my mac, so I want to avoid extra steps like having to transfer it to someone else's machine etc.

    Side question: what's the pain-in-the-*** factor using Linux for someone who's not into tinkering under the hood? We just want to get the thing up and running so we can work together when I'm back in another country. Will skype work?

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    If you go to the newsstand where they sell magazines and buy a copy of SUSE glued to the cover of Linux User for $14.00. I use the graphic interface of SUSE 10 and like it...know zip about under the hood and no plans to go there. You may like a linux version called D*** Small Linux. Its so small it fits on a thumb drive or boots live in memory no hard drive needed. Its really just for surfin.

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    Thanx, but I'm a remote non-US location so the newsstand thing is not an option. I'd read about the other Linux too, but I'm configuring a computer for someone who will need to use the net, maybe skype, do basic photo editing and most of all work on text.

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    Do you have Roxio Toast or Burn on your MBP? If not, you can do this with Disk Utility.

    Get the Live CD Image of Open Suse. You can mount the image .ISO in OSX and use Disk Utility to burn the CD.

    Reason I asked if you had Burn or Roxio Toast because it's even easier in those applications. Just right click on the open suse live CD ISO and on burn or toast, the application will open and it will make the CD of the Image for you.

    I have made a few both Open Suse and Ubuntu Live CD's recently on my iMac G5 in fact. All worked great in any PC I used them on.

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    Either OpenSUSE or Ubuntu should be pretty simple for a novice to do basic activities, including Skyping, net surfing, OpenOffice, etc. Interfaces are very intuitive.

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