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    ATI Radeon HD 5750 Drivers an Windows 7
    I have recently purchased a Imac 27" Turbo with quad-core an ATI Radeon HD 5750. I have looked all over the web for ways to install my ATI drivers to function with windows 7. I have attempted many steps i have come across an nothing seems to work. Does anyone have any other solutions to this? or is it just not compatible yet?

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    You need to go back to the ATI site and download the Mobility drivers for the 5750. Install them and it should work OK.

    Most folks do not realize that the iMac machines are in reality notebook computers organized as a desktop. Let us know.

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    I attempted this an the install went fine, but it still only allows me to use the basic VGA drivers not my HD5750 Driver. Anything else i can try?

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    I think the mobility version is actually the 5850 ... you might try that.

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    Installing the normal drivers won't work. Also, the latest (your) batch of iMacs feature discrete graphics, so the driver you need is an actual ATI HD 5750 driver.

    Put in your Apple OS CD that came in the keyboard box with your computer, then navigate to "bootcamp" and run the Setup.

    To confirm you have the right driver, check it in Device Manager.

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    They have discrete graphics all right, but it is not the regular 5750 driver. It is the mobility/laptop version of the graphics chipset. This is well documented here and elsewhere. Good luck!

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