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Thread: Windows 7 x64 MBP pro

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    Sep 18, 2010
    Windows 7 x64 MBP pro
    Hiya everyone,

    I've got this weird issue and cant seem to find a descent answer trough google and other forums.

    At work we use MS visual studios so i bought Windows 7 to install it with bootcamp etc. Now i've made a partition on my HDD with bootcamp and the next step is to insert the dvd. When i do this, my macbook begins to do weird things, it makes a lot of noise like its going to load the dvd, but then it just stops and do nothing. After a while its gives a popup saying that the dvd is empty. But i can assure you that this is an original retail dvd. I've tried it on a PC and there it loads like it should be. I've also tried other cd's (for example the mac installation cd) because i've had to format my hdd before i could make a partition. And everything just works like it should be except for the fact i cant install windows... Also tried to reboot while holding the option button (alt) but it cant find the dvd only the HDD.

    I really am out of solutions hope you guys could help.

    I use Mac OSX SL 10.6.4 and bootcamp 3.0.1
    Have a MBP (2009) 2.66GHz, 4GB DDR3

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    I have heard about people having the very same problem before.

    I'm sure there are several things you can try, but the one I went for when my DVD drive died was using an external one (USB & Adapter powered).

    I use my desktop computer's dvd drive by connecting it to my laptop through USB using the IDE to USB cable, and a power cord connected to drive.

    It's pretty simple, cheap, and saves you a lot of work.

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