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    Unhappy Parallels 5 & Windows 7
    After a recent update to Parallels 5, Windows 7 started operating strangely. I keep being informed that the version of Windows 7 I have may be counterfeit, despite the fact that it is fully paid and bona fide. Warning notices keep coming up about every ten minutes but 7 still operates.

    How can I fix this?

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    Have you activated your version of Windows 7?


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    If you have recently updated Parallels Win 7 may have detected a major change in the computer (i.e. hardware change) enventhough nothing has changed but the software. try re-registering/activating and see if that works.. Let us know how it went.
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    like csegeek said, it probably just detected a major change. If the online activation doesn't work just activate by phone and call in with the number they will give you. You'll have to type in some random numbers/letters to activate it. I've had to do that a few times, its nothing to worry about.
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