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    Firefox crashes with Google toolbar installed
    As a recent convert from Windows I was very happy to see that I could run Firefox on my noew PowerBook with Tiger. That's until I tried to install the Google Toolbar for Firefox. Now Firefox seems to start into a Toolbar configuration mode where I can't select any of the displayed options and then outright crashes.

    Deleting Firefox from Applications and downloading the newest version still didn't fix it (Google Toolbar is still there on Firefox startup).

    Is there something about the Google Toolbar that is incompatible with Macs? If not, any suggestions?

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    I always thought the google toolbar was windows only? Maybe they have changed that then..oh well.

    What specifically did you want it for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aptmunich
    I always thought the google toolbar was windows only? Maybe they have changed that then..oh well.

    What specifically did you want it for?
    Hey Apt!

    I'm also in Munich! Before we start speaking Deutsch I should tell you I'm a recently transplanted American; I haven't quite mastered the language yet (I find myself slipping into Spanish by default).

    Anway, one of the features in Google Toolbar that I wanted to use is the translating function; put your cursor over a word and it translates to your language of choice (right now only English to another but I still find it useful).

    Spellchecking and form filling are also rather nice features.

    It very well may be a Windows only thing hence the reason it crashed my Mac. That said, why would it even install? The file was an .xpi if I recall correctly.

    Once more question while I'm on the topic: where do Firefox themes, extension, etc. "live" on Macs? As stated I'm still pretty new to the platform.

    Mit freundlich Grüßen,

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    Not sure if you found this information yet, but I thought I'd give my 2 cents and help.

    Unfortionatly it is just for Windows. There's a site (can't remember it off hand) that you can petition and request software aND other things to companies. This is one of the petitions that's on there. I set on up for Trilian. Anyway, that could explain why it crashes in Firefox.

    To get rid of Google completely from your Macintosh just do a search on the Mac. Anything you find that would be for Google, you can just drag to the Trash. You can search in Finder or Spotlight for the things you're looking for.

    Also, your Mac has applications built right into the OS for Spellcheck and translation. As well as Widgets that do those functions.


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    FF has a Google search already, it's built in .. You can add all the engines you want. You also can add a spell checker.. I haven't used Safari in months, there is no reason to and I find FF can do more things.

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    Do you have any other plugins installed that might be messing with the Google Toolbar?

    Side note: Klicken Sie mich.

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