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    scp and gv in terminal

    I am not sure how to use scp command to copy a file from a remotely connected server to my desktop. I am using ssh to connect into school, and I can't seem to get the command to work.

    scp file.txt name@ipaddress:.

    I am not sure why gv is not working on my computer. gv is part of the school system, so I assume when I connect to school via ssh. gv should work. It works on my partner's computer(window), but it doesn't on mine. I get an error that it cannot open the display. Any idea?



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    Take a look here for some instructions on using scp.

    I assume you're talking about gv as in GhostView. If so, you may need to enable X forwarding when ssh'ing into the machine. To do that, simply include the -X switch when ssh'ing into the machine. For example:
    ssh -X <exampleserver>
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    Great. -X works! Thanks a bunch... Now I can really start on my research, yay!

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