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Thread: Buying Windows 7

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    Buying Windows 7
    I have parallels 4 and am upgrading to run windows 7. I want to buy Home Premium and whenever i inspect it closer on a website it always says, "for upgrade from Vista." Now this is for copies that all cost the same so it confuses me. Am I just being and idiot? Also I am getting this because my engineering class is using a program that requires windows. Also if I should get business, or Ultimate please let me know. (I am in Highschool so I can't get college discount, also I am upgrading from parallels 4 to 6. Would I need to by 5 as well? And I also want to run Fallout 3 in this, I had a trial copy of Windows in boot camp and Fallout 3 worked fine, someone on the parallels website said that they got it to work on parallels 5 just fine. I however recall the VM cutting your RAM in half and the person on the website had 8GB, I have 4GB.) Any help would be appreciated.
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    There are different versions of windows: Full (or Retail) and Upgrade versions.
    For the upgrade versions you need to have a previous version of windows installed to upgrade it to Windows 7. For full versions, you do can do clean installs and do not need to have a previous version of Windows.
    You do not say which website you visited. So assuming, you are looking at Microsoft's store at Microsoft Windows 7 - Download, Buy and Upgrade at Microsoft Store. you can get full windows 7 pro for 219.99 or Ultimate for 229.99.
    To save money, you can go to places like Amazon and save a fortune and get
    Windows 7 Pro for 158 or Ultimate for 158.

    I do not think running games in a VM such Parrallels is a good idea, there is no guarantee it will work at all as you need full 3D access to play games. Use Bootcamp instead.

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