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    Partition Question
    Hello everyone.

    I have a windows 7 partition on my MBP. Whenever I go to the boot screen, I noticed that the windows partition is not included in my macintosh HD. As a result, whenever i'm booted to mac os x, I do not have the option to "restart to windows" or even see windows as one of my drives. Is there a way for me to include my windows 7 partition on my macintosh HD? Thanks

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    Are you holding down the "Option" (alt) key when booting your Mac? Try that and let me know if Windows 7 appears as a boot option.

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    I think I know what she means. When you start up and hold ALT, you can see both the Macintosh HD and Boot Camp (Windows) partition. However, inside Macintosh, when you open System Preferences > Startup, you will not be able to see the Windows partition so you can start up from it by default.

    I do not know a solution for this as it didn't really bother me. You could make it startup in Windows by default from within Windows itself by Right clicking the Boot Camp icon in the task bar > Boot Camp Control Panel, and under startup disk click on Boot Camp (or windows, which ever it says) and press OK.

    That means every time you restart your computer, it will boot into Windows without you having to choose it from the list.

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