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Thread: need help installing windows

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    need help installing windows
    I am a student who is allowed to download Microsoft software via MSDN Academic Alliance Software Center. I never needed to run windows on my mac before but I am learning how to use 3Ds Max and it is only available on Windows OS. When I download the file that is windows 7 I get some thing that only opens a text edit file (Downloader_for_Windows_7_Pro_RTM_x64_en.exe) when I double click I get a text file and nothing happens. I am not sure if this is an upgrade and I need to be running windows already to install the download or I am doing something wrong. Any help would be appreciated I am falling behind in these classes since I cannot run the software at home and I live an hour from campus.

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    What you are getting is a windows executable file, not Windows itself, which of course you need some form of Windows to run. This means it's probably an upgrade. What you need is either a .ISO file or the next time you are on campus, try to pick up a Windows install disk from your school.

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    As Sammy stated, you need a Windows machine to run that file. Once the file is executed, it will start the download for Win 7 Pro 64 bit from the MSDN software repository. The download will need to be burned to a DVD. Then, you can install it.

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    You can try using a virtual machine like Parallels or VMWare Fusion and installing Windows on it then opening the Downloader_for_Windows_7_Pro_RTM_x64_en.exe) file.

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    That doesn't really help him - it will work but to get there he has to install some version of Windows 7, which is what he's trying to avoid by using the download from his uni. Best bet is to get a disk from the school.

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    thank you for advice
    Thanks for all the advice. To bad nothing alerted me to the posts, I have it running now, yeah I never needed the disk, could have burned a disc at school or at a friends then installed it directly on boot camp

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