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    Windows Xp on macbook pro.
    hey, i just got my macbook pro, and i love it but its not compatible with some of the programs i need to use, so i wanted to install windows XP. so naturally i had some questions. 1) how to i use windows once its installed, and 2) do i still get all of the retarded viruses that windows gets?

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    You can use Windows through bootcamp, or use a virtual machine. IE Vm Ware Fusion, Parallel etc.

    It's Windows so yes it can still get infected with viruses.

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    Please be sure and read the stickies at the top of this forum - they will answer your questions about installing Windows on your Mac. After reviewing them, please post back with specific instructions. And yes, you'll need virus protection on your windows install, although any such viruses will not affect the Mac side. Recommending Microsoft Security Essentials, it's free and appears to do the job pretty well.


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