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Thread: Macbook keyboard not working on Windows side of Bootcamp

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    Unhappy Macbook keyboard not working on Windows side of Bootcamp
    I have recently reinstalled Windows XP via bootcamp onto my macbook. Unfortunately, not all of the keys on the keyboard are being recognized in Windows.
    For example » shows when I try to type quotation marks, question marks, " appears when I type the greater than sign, ' when I type the less than sign...etc.
    I have tried to reinstall the Mac drivers in Windows. It did not tell me anything went wrong in installation. But I am getting quite frustrated. I cannot quite afford Office for Mac yet, but I am really thinking that will be the only fix. Is there anything I can do…

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    Moved to appropriate forum. Please read forum descriptions prior to posting.

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    Be sure you have (1) downloaded and installed the Boot Camp 3.1 update from the Apple download site (it's a windows executable so do it from within windows), and (2) put your Snow Leopard disk into your machine after starting windows - the drivers should automatically install. I would actually do the second one first if you've done neither (all this is assuming you're running Windows in a boot camp partition).

    If that doesn't work, I would review the keyboard properties in Windows to make sure the language and keyboard selections are correct.


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    It's your second suggestion that will fix it, SammySlim.

    Go to Control Panel > Regional & Language Settings > Keyboard and change to English (US).

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