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    Zip files on mac
    Wondering if anyone can help?

    I have just received a DVD that has some Zip files that were generated on it on a Windows computer.

    I am unable to unzip the files as I am informed that the volume is locked and therefore I do not have the necessary permissions. As far as I am aware there were no passwords put onto the files when they were generated and I can not change on permissions on the Zip files through my Mac.

    Is there a way around this to enable the data to be extracted?

    Many Thanks!

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    That is because it's trying to Unzip the Zip File to the CD which can not be done. Drag the files you want to unzip to a folder on your Mac. What I do is make a temp folder on my desktop and drag the files there. Then you can unzip them and move the Contents of the Zips where ever you want them.

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    Hey welcome ... What are you using to unzipp the files ??

    I highly recommend Stuffit Expander and it will help you too
    From the page itself, this seems right down your ally
    Are you getting “Operation Not Permitted” errors when you try to open a Zip archive? Try StuffIt instead. StuffIt can open those password protect Zip archives.
    Hope it helps some

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    Quote Originally Posted by dtravis7 View Post
    That is because it's trying to Unzip the Zip File to the CD which can not be done.
    Agreed. The built-in zip support works by compressing/decompressing archives into the same directory in which you are working. Simply move them elsewhere as suggested (quickest solution) or use a decompression program to specify a location for the files.
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