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    OSX10.6 WinXP time problems

    I have a lab full of dual boot macs, all bound to a windows2003 server active directory. My problem is this:

    Set time in mac as normal, works ok.

    Start windows, time is an hour behind but then it gets the correct time from the domain and moves it forward an hour.

    This forward hour then applies itself to the mac side meaning its an hour ahead now.

    Is it possible to run a script on shutdown of windows that forces the time back an hour? Or something to run on mac startup that forces the time to the correct setting?

    The 1 hour time difference means that my network users cant log on with there own accounts due to the AD and the mac being out of sync time wise, as soon as i go in as admin and correct the time it works again but as soon as someone uses windows the time is set forward an hour on the mac!

    Any help greatly appreciated!

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    From out friends at Microsoft
    Windows Time Service and Internet Communication

    If you scroll down until after the table theres a section on Configuring Windows Time Service using group policy. Maybe helpful? Maybe not.

    As far as I know the only cmd-line time adjustments you can do is to set the time and date down to the second in real-time, no pun intended. I don't think theres a way to just subtract an hour.

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    The problem was due to the way Windows and OSX see the BIOS time.

    I have a script that now turns on daylight saving at startup of windows and turns it off on shutdown thus the time in OSX is constant.

    In winter the script can be disabled due to daylight savings time bringing both OS to the same time.

    If anyone needs a copy of the script just ask.

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