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    I have no network
    hey guys, new to these forum, i'll get right down to business.

    i recently installed windows vista 32 on my mac. i got vista from a friend of mine, its the one that cam with his dell.

    so i partitioned my drive to 32, i have a 13' MBP mid 2009, i upgraded it to snow a few months ago, i followed the instruction on the screen down to the letter. except for the part where i have to choose where to install vista, i actually had to format the partition that i had made for it to be able to install. other than that i followed it exactly. rebooted the computer but i have no drives, i have downloaded many drives of the internet and many version of boot camp, but none of them seam to work. i would like to use my original os disks that came with the MBP but the ex-girlfriend took of with them and my idiotic roommate lost my snow disks

    i'm about ready to give up. closes thing i found was some forum where i went into the device management or something and had to manually put in my network. many people said, on the forum, that it worked for them, but all i get is a error 10 message.

    thanks for reading any and all help is appreciated

    also it's not just he network that's messed up its like 5 things, i-sight and Ethernet networking are some other, but i figured if i can get connected to the internet the computer will just fix its self though updates and what not

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    You realize that you're trying to use a Dell OEM copy of Vista which is not licensed to you? Buy a copy of Snow Leopard or call Apple and have them send you the original install disks for your MBP. Also buy a legal copy of Windows and post again if you have questions.

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    Yes just give up and do things properly as chscag has suggested. Things do seem a little chaotic so the new SL and Windows 7 discs will solve your problems.

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