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    Unhappy Bootcamp problems after MacOSX update
    Hello all,

    This is my first post. I recently purchased my first Mac a couple of weeks ago (and am enjoying it very much). I wanted to keep windows installed, so I installed an XP partition with bootcamp. Then after getting windows squared away and running properly, I rebooted into Mac OS X and installed Parallels, and used that same bootcamp installation so that I could use Windows in Parallels, and also natively when I wanted.

    All was running well, fine and dandy, until this morning. I started to restart my computer, then it asked me to update. After updating and restarting, I wanted to reboot into windows. So I restarted the computer, and held down the alt\option key, but it just booted into the MacOS instead. I did this 3 or 4 times to no avail. Then I went into System Preferences, and from there into Startup Disk. But all that was listed there was Mac OS X... i have no idea what happened. Parallels still runs this partition just fine, but for some reason I can't reboot into windows natively. Please is there anyone that can help?

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    This happens quite often with Windows XP because of the way its boot sector and system files are organized. The use of Parallels or Fusion to boot the VM from the XP partition sometimes results in corruption of the XP boot sector. It functions fine from Parallels or Fusion but refuses to boot natively.

    You could try a repair of the XP boot sector: LINK


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