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    windows overheating??
    i have a mbp 2010 15" i7 with win xp pro 32bit on it via boot camp. The problem is when i have been playing a game or some other demanding program on it, it runs fine for the first 30min but i then get error messages, but the they only occur when i have been playing a while and i think its because the mbp is overheating =[, is there any things i can do to cool it, like some good software that can control the fans in windows or something??? thanks

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    Overheating would cause the machine to shut down or possibly freeze up if it's the video card, it wouldn't generate error messages. At least none I've ever seen.

    I'd suggest troubleshooting the particular application and the error messages specifically.
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    Are the error messages only particular to a certain application or do they occur regardless of the application? These errors could be application specific or could be OS errors.
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