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Marios 08-05-2010 04:50 AM

Problems after few updates on windows 7 64bit

Ive been running winxp 32bit for a while now on bootcamp and everything was fine besides fan issues but for that i had used lubbo's fan control software.
Lately i decided to switch to win7 64bit version
everything was great the first days. low heats(without a fan control program), was fast etc
Some updates later of win7 it started heating a lot even when im idle.
Also i get hanged while booting, where the "_" keeps blinking then
a screen appears asking if you wanna use normal boot or so.

Im not sure if it was the updates that caused this or maybe something else i installed but i do believe its the problem.

Also noticed now even the mac os runs a bit hotter than it used to
Tried installing fan control on mac os, but it gives me a max of 3500 fan speed where it was 6000 before as far as i remember

Anyone had this issue before?
Any way i could check what went wrong or any suggestions what to do?
Thanks in advance

p.s im running macbook pro core2 duo 2,66ghz with nvidia 9400/9600 gt

chscag 08-05-2010 02:17 PM

I have no way of knowing what happened to your Win 7 installation. All I can tell you is that I have installed all the security updates to Win 7 and other recommended updates for IE without a problem. No overheating, etc. I do know that when running certain Windows games that require a lot of graphic movement, the fan kicks in high gear and remains that way during the game.

It sounds like you have something that may be corrupting your boot up sequence. What I suggest is to first try repairing your Win 7 installation. Follow the instructions given here.

If that doesn't work, you may have to reinstall Windows 7.


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