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    [Solved] OS 8.5 install Press C while booting question mark and face
    I got this G4 given to me and I'd really like to get it working and play with it. Someone else gave me an OS 8.5 green installation CD and I'm trying to install it the way it says to. I put it in the CD drive and started it while holding the "c" key down. It comes to a grey screen with a folder icon in the middle of it which blinks from a face to a question mark.

    Could someone please help me? I'm totally new to this.

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    And it will not. G4's need OS 9.1 minimum to do an install. Here is a list of model and OS from Apple.

    Mac OS 8 and 9 compatibility with Macintosh computers

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    My first response:

    Whine. Pout.

    On second thought:

    Well that easily enough explained. Thanks for the link and your help. Since I have an AGP graphics G4 I guess I need to get a OS 9.0 or greater installation Disk. Anybody want to buy a OS 8.5 Installation Disk?


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    I got given an old g3 imac that worked and had a couple of games my boy liked and then it won't start. It seems to virtually load everything then can not find a driver.
    I am interested in your CD if you still have it and it would work on the older g3imac with the 24x tray loading cd.
    Hope that made sense.


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