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Olivier 08-04-2010 01:07 AM

Windows on Mac for Civil Engineering Softwares
Dear All,

I am a Civil Engineer working on Special Bridges Design & Construction. I am actually working for a company but plan to start working as an independent consultant.

I am personally fully equipped with Mac and I would like to keep this OS to work. I am looking for the most suitable cross-platform to use my windows design softwares on Mac and donít quite understand which one works the best? BootCamp, VMware, Parrallel Desktop 5? Below is a list of the softwares I regularly use for my designs:

- Autocad 2008 or 2010
- Microstran V8
- RDM6 (French freeware similar to Microstran)
- Solidworks (2007 or 2009)
- Isparc
- Autodesk Inventor (2008 or 2011)

My other concern is about the classic bugs & viruses from Windows. How does this work on a cross platform? Is there a risk of getting the viruses from Windows infecting the rest of the computer?

Thanks for your advices; any answer / advice will be very helpful!


chscag 08-04-2010 02:06 AM

You probably need to use Boot Camp primarily because of Auto Cad. Running Windows natively on your Mac will allow you to use the full power of graphics and 3D that Auto Cad needs.

If you run Windows via Boot Camp or use VM software, you will need to take all the same AV and malware precautions that are the status quo for all Windows machines. A virus on the Windows side can not infect or cross over to OS X so you don't need to be concerned about that.


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