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Thread: Lawnmower Game?

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    Aug 03, 2010
    Lawnmower Game?
    As a child (in the early to mid nineties I guess), I used to play a game where you mowed a lawn while avoiding all sorts of weird obstacles as you went, including a moving frog-like thing and shark infested waters. It was more fun than it may sound. Does anyone remember this? I can't find any sign of it on the internet.

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    Re: Lawnmower Game?
    That game was called The Lawn Zapper.

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    Aug 03, 2010
    Thank you so much! It was driving me crazy. While I'm here, to you remember an old (but more recent than Lawn Zapper) game that was a kind of helicopter simulator? You could blow up vehicles and other helicopters and when you were in danger of being shot down yourself, a man's voice would say "Missile Threat".

    If you don't know it, that's cool. I'm already vastly impressed by your being able to identify Lawn Zapper

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