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    Need to recover files on bootcamp parition (blue screen of death)
    Hey guys,

    I have a set of very important files i need to recover from my bootcamp (windows xp) partition. The reason i post this "windows" problem on a mac forum will be clear soon.

    So here is the problem. I've been getting the blue screen of death and there are files i need to recover. My bootcamp partition is NTSF (not fat32) because i was only able to install it under that option.

    Now my goal was to either access safemode or system restore.So as windows booted i continuously tapped on F8, this took me to a black screen with a selection of choices that i could pick to repair or trobuleshoot my PC. I selected safemode, windows loaded got the blue screen of death, then selected the "windows recovery" option hoping to restore my system but windows loaded and nothing worked! I got blue screened on that too. Please note that in both cases windows had to be loaded and fully boot.

    Now... i've worked with a lot of computers in the past, and i know there is an option that is missing (it is called "windows repair"). an option that takes you directly to a repair console without loading windows. There you can chose to return computer to factory settings... or just system restore it... and check the memory for errors... Infact, i've accessed that option on my mom's laptop which has windows 7. Now my question is, where the **** is that option on this mac... why is it not there! Also, is there any way to recover my files? windows is not imporant but those files are.

    Thanks a lot for reading.

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    Moved to correct forum.

    To repair Windows XP see the following article.


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