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    Mac OS 8.6 to OS X Tiger
    Whew, I got one set of problems out of the way, now here comes a new set of them. At least I'm learning from this. Will I be able to upgrade my iMac with OS 8.6 to OS X Tiger? Can I do this without upgrading the RAM, since I really can't afford to do both. The reason I want to do this is because I'm trying, notice the word trying, to use this iMac to do some home recording. If anyone could help, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.

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    The minimum requirement for RAM in 10.4 is 256 MB. Honestly, you are going to want more than 256 MB if you are going to OS X on a G3 iMac, though. How much does your iMac have now? You can get RAM fairly cheap at If I recall from your other thread, your iMac is circa 1999? If that is the case, you can take it up to 512 MB officially, and 1 GB unofficially, though I am not entirely sure. Those iMacs take PC-100 SDRAM, so if you happen to have any laying around,from on old PC, it would work just fine in the iMac.
    What kind of recording are you trying to do, video or audio? The iMac should be able to handle either with no problems, but you are also going to have to think about what software will be needed to do the recordings.
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    How would I go about getting the RAM? I know this sounds rediculous but is it like a chip, or what? Sorry about these questions. I'm doing audio recording for my band.

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    Oh yeah, what would be the best to get as far as RAM, like the most. I'm willing to spend up to like $80, or at least that's like how much it looked on that site.

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    ram is a chip that looks like this:

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    Nice, nice. I found this demontration on how to install it, so I should be good. If you wanted to check it out this is the link: . So that should help me out. Now to go a little off topic. Stuffit extracts .zip files right?

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    I am experience the same problem trying to take a beige G3 mini tower from OS 8.6 to OS X. I spent most of an hour on the phone with a apple tech and he told me that I needed system OS 9.0 not 9.1 or 9.04 but 9.0 installed first then take it to 9.2 and then you can install OSX over 9.2. I also did that on my Pismo G3 and that was what Ihad to do. I went from 9.0 to 9.2 to keep the classic environment along with thenew x.

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