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    Upgrading Windows in Bootcamp
    I know this has probably been discussed on countless occasions throughout these forums, but my situation has a little twist. Let me explain, and I hope somebody can help.

    I got the download edition of Windows 7 home premium a while back, and then not so long ago it started telling me that it was an upgrade only version rather than the full version, despite having done a perfect fresh install several times. Anyway, suffice it to say i called MS support and they basically just logged in and activated my install, a one time only fix. Since then I have bought a 15" Macbook Pro (2.4Ghz Core i5) and want to install Windows 7 using bootcamp.

    However, instead of buying a new copy of Windows 7, or alternatively having a ridiculous conversation witha MS support guy, I simply do a clean install and then do an upgrade before I activate (stupid I know, but hey). So what I need to do is install Windows 7 using bootcamp and then upgrade it from within Windows.

    So what I want to know is whether first of all it is possible, secondly whether I will still have all the access a traditional boot camp install gives you to the OS X partition.

    Any help would be much appreciated as I need to install Windows for some college work using MS Access and Excel amongst other things.

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    Try the instructions given at this web site. LINK

    Many users have installed the Windows 7 upgrade "clean" using Boot Camp, myself included. Please note, however, that in keeping in the spirit of complying with the MS EULA regarding upgrades, that you should already own a licensed copy of an upgrade eligible Windows version. (XP or Vista)


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    Thanks, I do own various copies of XP and Vista and various versions (home, ultimate etc.) so I'm sure that I have at least one which is eligible.

    Thanks for the link,

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