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    Exclamation Unibody Macbook Bootcamp Drivers
    Hey all, new to the forums but have been working with macs for quite some time now. Have always been able to overcome any issue related to these machines myself, but I am finally stumped and need some advice.

    (Quick backrgound) I am the mac specialist here at my IT department. Have been here for about a year and a half now. Have worked with macs ranging from the dual processor Mac towers to the all in one imacs, to ipad, ipods, iphones and of course mac books, pro's and air's.)

    A few days ago a user dropped off a new unibody white mac book, first one I have worked on. (I have worked with the non-uni body mac books, have one personally as well)

    User wants bootcamp with Win 7 64 bit. Usually, not an issue. Well after installing the OS, and everything loads up fine. I have my own Snow Leopard disc I user for driver installs on the mac side.

    Low and behold, not all the drivers get installed. I am left with:
    Ethernet Controller
    Network Controller
    SM Bus Controller

    Now I have narrowed it down to Nvidia and Broadcom for these devices. Even after running the installs manually through the associated folders in the boot camp CD, I am still stuck with nothing. I Downloaded the 3.1 bootcamp software onto my flash drive from my work computer and even after running that on this new macbook, none of the devices updated.

    I am stuck, I can't seem to manually install the drivers from the windows driver database, I get the error 10 device won't start on all recommended devices I have seen on other forums.

    Anyone have any idea what these devices are and better yet, the drivers for them. Due to this machine being not mine, I do not have the original disc's for them, only the Snow Leopard upgrade disc.

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    When you downloaded the BC 3.1 update did you get the 64 bit version? There are two versions posted on the Apple site. Easy to DL the wrong one.


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    Yea, it was the 64 bit version.

    I put some more effort into this machine and have made some more progress. I was able to get drivers (microsoft drivers) for everything but the wireless card now.

    I use a website to search Vendor and device ID's for hardware. And I see that this is a broadcom but the device ID itself does not show up as a broadcom.

    What type of broadcom wireless network adapter is in this machine? Nothing helpfull on apples website on what exact device is in here.

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    You can try using a program like Driverchecker to find and update the drivers needed for your system. I have done that for my machine, and it can find everything pretty well.

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