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    BOOTCAMP with MacBook Pro "Disk Error Press Any Key To Restart" HELP?
    Okay so this has been giving me problems for the past hour or two..

    I just did a fresh install of Mac OSX 10.5.8 Leopard, and started bootcamp. I have a brand new copy of Windows XP Professional with SP2 so that shouldn't be a problem..

    Well, I get all the way to windows being installed and it restarting, but once it restarts it says "Press any key to boot from CD" then four seconds later "Disk error, press any key to restart."

    Obviously any key doesn't work.

    Now I am aware that this is a formatting error. It should be formatting with NTFS but instead it formats with FAT32 and does NOT give me that option to change the formatting process.

    I can't really go out and get another copy of XP, because let's face it. This isn't cheap stuff we're dealing with.

    If you have a solution, it's well appreciated! Thanks in advance!!

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    First, let's move this to the appropriate forum.

    The formatting shouldn't matter as XP can exist on either a FAT-32 or NTFS partition. And, if you created a partition that was 32 GB or larger with Boot Camp, you have no other choice but to use NTFS.

    You didn't provide us with any other details - like how large a partition you created with BC and whether or not your copy of XP SP2 is either a MS boxed full install version or an OEM system builders full install version.

    For now, the only advice I can give you is to start over and try again.


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