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    Unhappy Cannot load windows 7
    Hi there,
    I am struggling a whole day to install windows 7 on my mac book.

    I did as told in all tutorial and managed to start the windows setup. I had a problem though, every time the setup would restart it would restart on mac os-x. I would keep the option button pressed, but it would still go on mac os x.

    I found out that if i let it load mac os x and then restart and keep the option button it would go to the setup. So after wasting many hours to figure this out (i would restart the operation over and over again) i managed to finish the setup and go into windows enviroment.

    So now it was time to load the leopard cd. But the windows cd was stuck and would not eject, i would even press the eject comman from "My Computer" and i would get an error.

    So i restarted and loaded mac os x and ejected the CD.
    But now i cannot load on windows. Boot Camp is not installed in windows, keeping the option button pressed does not do anything...
    What to do??? Why did i have all those problems?


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    You should have been able to boot to Windows 7 once the installation was finished. It sounds like the install didn't go right or something became corrupt during the process. What I suggest to do is start over. Boot to OS X, open the Boot Camp assistant, and remove the Boot Camp partition. Reboot your machine, create another BC partition and reinstall Windows 7.

    But before you do, you might want to run Disk Utility from your Leopard DVD and do a verify and repair check on your hard drive. You have to boot with your Leopard DVD in order to do that.

    Also keep in mind that your Leopard DVD does not contain all the drivers which are needed for Windows 7. Once Windows 7 is installed, you'll need to upgrade your version of Boot Camp from the Apple site. You do that from within Windows.


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