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    VM Fusion 3.1 vs. Parallels 5
    I have been running an older version of parallels and it is ok. I have heard a few good things about VM Fusion and I see there is a new version of parallels out. I am running Windows XP mostly just for quickbooks and quicken and office stuff nothing major. any thoughts on which is better?

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    imo, vm fusion is really good, i still like vmware workstation over it for functionality, but for what you are doing, vm fusion is smoother and more compact, also cuts down on memory usage, not as many useless throws and calls and threads in the programming...

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    They are both very similar for a single user running Windows. Mostly stylistic and interface differences. Very slight differences in 3D graphics handling, perhaps ever so slightly pointing toward Parallels but only for gaming or very intensive 3D usage (and if you really need that stuff in a big way you'd be on Boot Camp anyway). For productivity applications, it's really mox nix. I would definitely upgrade to the newest version of what you're running but there's really no reason to change horses. And I am a Fusion user (a big fan too) - but I'd give the same advice regardless. No compelling reason to change packages in your situation, but I would upgrade.


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    +1 for Fusion.
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    I would have to say Fusion is better because it has better directx support than Parallels does.

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