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    Inertial Scroll
    How can I enable inertial scroll in Windows 7 running on my mid-2010 13" MBP? Also, can I enable other gestures, such as the three finger back/forward swipe in browsers? Sorry if this has already been asked somewhere; I looked and couldn't find anything.

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    If you have properly installed the Boot Camp drivers, you should have a small diamond shape icon in your Windows 7 notification tray. That's the Boot Camp control panel. Click on it to open the control panel, then choose the trackpad options. (Maybe a few more steps. I'm currently not in Win 7)


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    Yeah, I've looked at the Boot Camp control panel, and it has nothing about inertial scrolling. I've read about installing drivers for this, but I don't think that would work because I already had to install drivers to run Windows on this machine. Also, two-finger scrolling is jerky and generally low quality. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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    A quick fix which improves two-finger scrolling: In the Windows Control Panel, under Mouse, under the Wheel tab you can try decreasing the number of lines per click from 3 to 1. Hope this helps!

    I'd love to see inertial scrolling too, but we'll have to wait until Apple decides to update their BootCamp driver suite.

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