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    What program should i use to run windows 7 on mac?
    i read the sticky they have in this forum but i am still a little bit confused.

    I need to run windows Because i need to use AutoCAD This will be the only program i will actually need

    i read that boot camp is the best for running cad programs but lets be frank i don't want to have to boot every time i want to change back to mac.

    sometimes I'm using several programs at once (photoshop, sketch up and archicad or vector works in this case i need to use auto cad this next semester)
    and as i said before i only want to run auto cad on windows nothing more.

    but is parallels or the other one similar to that good for running such a big program? it does not matter if its more expensive i just want the best thing available

    im on a macbook pro 2.66ghz i7 500gb

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    Unfortunately, AutoCad does not run well from a VM, however, there have been improvements in the latest releases of both Parallels and VMWare Fusion with regard to 3D rendering. But neither still is able to perform like real Windows.

    What I would suggest is to give Parallels a try. Download their trial version and see how well it runs your copy of AutoCad. If the results are as I suspect, less than satisfactory, delete it and go to using Windows from a Boot Camp partition. You have all Summer to decide....


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    Another virtual environment you can try is Virtual Box from Sun/Oracle:

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    VirtualBox works great - but it's 3D graphics performance lags well behind Parallels and Fusion - the OP wants to run AutoCad, so that's quite relevant. The OP might be best served running Windows under Boot Camp as a result, but Parallels and Fusion (both of which have free trial versions) are definitely worth trying first.


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