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    Tried Installing xp via bootcamp. Computer FROZEN
    Not sure how to explain this but here goes......

    I noticed when restarting the mac it was taking quite a while to start up but after about 5 minutes it would.

    I had Windows XP running through bootcamp, so went into system preferences to select the start up disc but XP wasnt there but it was showing on my desktop. I decided to use the bootcamp assistant again to delete the partition which it did successfully. Deciding id install it again I selected 50gb for the partition and all went ok until it asked me to insert the XP install disc and the computer restarted (which it is suppose to do) but the installation never started and all I got was a grey screen. The disc spins up but nothing happens and now I cant even eject the disc.

    I have tried holding down the mouse button, eject button, the option key, option cmd & o + f with no avail

    Any idea?

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    Moved to appropriate forum.

    Try to remove the disk using this method. If that doesn't work, do a search for other methods - there are many videos on Youtube that show different ways for removing a stuck disk.

    And before you decide to install XP again, use your install DVD to boot the machine and run Disk Utility verify and repair. It sounds like you may have some problems with your hard drive.


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    Feb 21, 2010
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    The hdd was only replaced 2 months ago, plus when trying to use the install disc that doesnt boot when holding down c on start

    Ok got it sorted with a couple of old credit cards with double sided tape to grip. For some reason just tinkering gave the system enough time to boot normally and i managed to get it ejected when the system was loaded. Thanks for all the help....

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