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Thread: Help needed with Windows 7

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    Help needed with Windows 7
    Hey guys,
    I've been using snow leopard for a while until recently I found myself in an urgent need to install windows 7 on my 2009 13" macbook pro (2.53 GHz with 4G RAM). Everything runs smoothly except for one tiny problem, which is that every time before the computer really boots up there's a blank dark screen with a flashing cursor hat stays there for about one minute which I found very annoying. However my friend also has windows 7 installed on her 2010 plastic macbook and there's not such a problem. Does anyone who has windows 7 installed know why?

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    Moved to appropriate forum.

    What's running at Windows 7 startup? Do you have a virus scanner that's doing a scan during the boot cycle? Any hardware attached to the machine that Windows 7 might be "looking" at during boot up?

    BTW, I edited your subject. "Help needed" doesn't cut it, most folks post here because they need help.


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    It's definitely you're running windows 7 illegal. I have the same problem before and then change to another win 7 installation disk with MS key. Now it's perfect.
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    Does the cursor hat eventually go away and load Windows 7? Mine does that from time to time, but still eventually loads 7. I know when I had/tried Vista, that happened everytime and lasted for a good 30seconds before the OS actually loaded. running the Os illegally doesn't do this at all. Sometimes when an operating system isn't set as the main startup volume, it does strange things like this. it has happened to me as well as many of my friends, who all run Vista, countless times.

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    No, antivirus programs or any program for that matter wouldn't affect it, because this happens before the operating system even loads, most of the time at least. OP, when does it happen?

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