I am currently running Mac OS X, windows 7 x64 and windows 7 x86 on my macbook pro 5,5.

The 32 bit version of windows can find and implement the built-in bluetooth device, granted that the driver is installed via the Bootcamp install. The 64 bit version, however, cannot. Even when i go to "Device Manager" it does not recognize that there is a bluetooth device or driver installed.

I have tried running the automated "Add new device", but it never finds the bluetooth device. I have even manually gone into the Bootcamp install disc that came with my mac and ran the 64 bit bluetooth install, which ran but the device still didn't show up. So I bittorrented a newer version of bootcamp, which also failed. and then I ran an update for bootcamp to get it up to version 3.1, which also failed to allow the bluetooth device to be recognized by my 64 bit version of windows.

I do not know what company makes the bluetooth device for the macbook pro 5,5 otherwise i'd look up the driver for it and try to install it. I looked for a generic windows bluetooth driver online, but to no avail.

What do i do?