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Thread: How do I run a exe on Crossover?

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    How do I run a exe on Crossover?
    I have an exe I'm trying to run on Crossover; I've tried clicking open and selecting the exe file, but nothing happens. I am doing something wrong?

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    Sorry, if this is the same keygen you've already told us about 13 minutes prior, you're not going to get any help here.

    If it's not, you might try the Codeweavers support.
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    I'm not aware of his previous post, so I hope me answering this doesn't land me a warning from the admins. After you launch Crossover, if you go up to the toolbar up top, and look for "Run command" or "run program" I forget which, you can choose or drag the exe you want to launch, and see if it does. Some exes don't work with Crossover however, in which case you'll have to use a virtual machine or bootcamp.

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