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    Parallels partition too small
    I have a 120 GB HD macbook pro and made a huge mistake and made a 8 GB partition to run parallels and windows. I found out later I couldn't make the partition bigger, so I created a second partition with another 8 GB. I tried to move stuff to the other partition, but now I can't figure how to move anything else over and the partition is filling up. I have a windows file that is over 6 GB.

    I upgraded my hard drive to 500 GB, so I'm trying to figure out if I can partition a larger section and somehow copy windows and all the files from the old partition to the new partition. I don't mind wasting the 16 gb that I already partitioned. Is that possible to do? Also I don't have the windows disk.

    Another problem is trying to restore a program that I'm running on windows from time machine. I couldn't find the exact file, so I just restored my whole HD. Even after that, I opened the application and the data file was stilled messed up. Any ideas?

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    Why do you need to partition your drive to run Parallels??? it creates a virtual hard drive as it is. You would be better off reinstalling Parallels and then create a Windows virtual machine on your large drive and just go from there. Partitioning creates more issues than it solves, and you don't have to worry about viruses from your Parallels vm's infecting your Mac. You can use an external drive to copy your data files over.

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