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Thread: Trying to run a new printer on an old iMac

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    Trying to run a new printer on an old iMac
    Try not to die laughing when I tell you that I've got a 1999 iMac running OS 8.6 :-) I'm onto my third PC in this time, but the iMac just keeps on going. Problem is, the peripherals are breaking down (printer, scanner ... digital camera is on its last legs I think) and it's getting impossible to find any new equipment that will run on this ancient OS.

    So, I bought an Epson Stylus TX110 printer which will run on OS X ... I thought maybe, somehow, if the moon, sun and stars are aligned in a certain way, I might get it to run on Old Faithful. Is there any way to do this, do you think? I found a program called Gutenprint but it's a .dmg file which apparently only OS X and later can open, so I'm guessing that none of the drivers in that package would work on my iMac anyway.

    I know this is a long shot. The printer itself is just a backup to my main printer, which is attached to my PC. My iMac is pretty much used only for storing images from my digital camera (and for scanning, until the scanner broke down) ... and for opening the occasional Mac-created file with those .pict images that Windows can't read. This old machine is on its last legs--it must be, by now!--but it's a shame to throw it out. I found a driver on the Apple website that allows it to read USB drives (so long as they're no larger than 4GB), so thought there might be something out there that could run this new printer. I don't need it to run every feature on the printer, just to do a basic print.

    Whaddayareckon--a pipedream?

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    Well, you don't give any specs but if you have enough ram it "might" run Panther.
    If you can find a driver for Panther for the printer, you might can find a copy on ebay.
    Might be better off springing for a mini. Can get refurbished ones from Apple.

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    A pipedream then. Might as well get a new computer if I have to get an entirely new OS, when all I wanted was to squeeze the last bit of use from my old machine. Thanks anyway.

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    If you find like a Brother laser printer that has postscript you can use the Laser8 driver on the Mac. Like a Brother HL-5070n. I have a magicolor 2430 hooked up to OS9. Also an Apple Laserwriter pro 630 (I use one)or Apple Laserwriter 4/600 all use postscript over a LAN.Check out your local thrift store. Several Epsons from 6 years ago are USB OS8.6 as well as HP's.

    The Bother HL-5070n I use was like $4.00 at the thrift store..still on the toner that was in it..had it like for 4 years now.

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