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    MacBook Drivers for Windows XP
    Hi guys,

    as you can see I"m very new in this forum.
    Normaly I'm a Windows user, but I thought I should try the MacBook.
    I really like it, but I have a huge problem!

    I installed Windows XP by using BootCamp.
    Everything is ok except the drivers!
    My Wireless, trackpad and many other things are not working because the drivers are missing.

    I also lost my OS Leo (os x) Disc while moving to USA.
    So can someone tell me where I can get the drivers to access these stuffs?
    Its almost 6 month that I'm looking for a solution.

    So please help me guys!

    Regards: Narek

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    Unfortunately the drivers you need are on that OS disk. You could buy a Snow Leopard disk - it should have the drivers - or if you know someone with a similar Mac you could bum the disk from them.

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    Or you can call Apple for replacement disks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by schweb View Post
    Or you can call Apple for replacement disks.
    how does it work?
    I called apple but they didn't give me any information about that.

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    Did you call customer support and ask them about sending replacement install disks for your specific model MacBook? There is fee you'll have to pay.

    Or, you can do as suggested and buy the Snow Leopard upgrade disk for $29.99.


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