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    Windows Wont Come Out Of Standby
    I have installed all the correct drivers and everything is working very nicely. My only problem is that when I close my lid and open it back up that windows will not come out of standby. My keyboard lights up and it powers on but the screen stays black. Nothing works. How would I go by fixing this?

    Also, on another note, if anyone knows were the setting is on windows so that all I have to do is tap to click instead of use the whole physical button that would be nice to know. And I dont know how to right click on windows.

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    I'm not in Windows 7 right now (posting from Snow Leopard) so my memory may be a little off...

    You may be able to adjust how your MBP behaves coming in and out of sleep by going to the Power Adjustments of Control Panel. You should also have a nVidia control panel application. Make sure the nVidia knows that it's the internal monitor it's using. You didn't mention an external but sometimes the driver gets confused. I've had that happen to me on occasion. You should be able to tap any key on the keyboard to bring the machine out of sleep.

    For the Trackpad - Open the Boot Camp control panel application and click on the Trackpad tab. You can change settings from there.


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