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Thread: Fussion stall

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    Fussion stall
    My WIN 7 did a update and after that, everything in Fusion & WIN7 is stalling... the mouse moves a few inches and stops, then picks up. I never know what it's going to do.

    Typing seems to be the same. I start typing and several characters show up, but then I have to stop and wait to see what else got in.

    Everything on the MAC Snow Leopard side works fine. I have rebooted WIN7 and Fusion numerous times and restarted the entire I-Mac.


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    Did you create a Fusion snapshot backup of your Windows 7 VM? If you did, revert back to it and see if it cures the problem. If not, type in "updates" in the search box of Windows 7 to bring up all the updates you installed. Uninstall the last update to see if things return to normal.


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