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    Boot Camp Problems
    Hello all. i have a black MacBook i bought in late 2008. i just got Snow Leopard v10.6.3 and installed it on my computer. i also want to run windows XP. i read the whole bookcamp instructions and some of the forums on here. it sounds easy enough, but i am having problems. i went through the bootcamp assistant and created a 32 gb partition for windows that is formatted FAT32. then i put in the windows cd (i have Windows xp home ed sp3 system builders cd) then click start install. it shuts my comupter down, then restarts it. but upon restart it will either eject the disc or come up with a black screen. it sounds like the disc is running but the blue windows screen never appears. any help would be great thanks. also i am having problems with safari. i click on it but it never comes up. any insight?

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    Are you sure the version of XP SP3 is an eligible version that can be installed using the Boot Camp assistant? If you're positive it is, it's possible the disk is defective or your optical drive is acting up.

    If you have access to a Windows machine, use the XP CD to boot it. If it boots from the CD, then it's probably OK. That leaves your optical drive as possibly malfunctioning.

    Your Safari problem is a different matter altogether. Try reinstalling Safari. A new version of Safari was just posted several days ago.


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