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    Excel - typing in cell appears in website
    Has this happened to anyone and how did you fix it? I am checking postcodes online and typing them into a spreadsheet. I click on a cell in my spreadsheet, and when i type the numbers, they type directly into the website fields, and not into my spreadsheet. I can move into different fields in excel using my mouse, but each time I use a key on my keyboard, it sends the signal into the directory again. It's just started happening - the spreadsheet has 7000 rows, I don't know if that makes any difference.

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    This is indeed strange. I'm guessing that you cannot see the web page, since you have an Excel window covering it. So what happens if you minimize the web page (send it to the Dock with the yellow button)?

    An obvious, but potentially annoying work around would be to record the numbers and where to put them on a piece of paper, then quit the browser before entering them in Excel. Wish I knew the real solution for you!

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