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Thread: Burning Bootable disk of Windows.

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    Burning Bootable disk of Windows.
    Hi All,

    First post and I'm hoping it's a simple Q&A.

    My wife and I are recent Mac converts and love our new mac book pros.

    As much as we like snow leopard we keep running in to instances where we need windows to run programs. Mostly work related.

    We are both students at the local University and qualified for the student pricing on Windows 7 professional.

    I called the Microsoft store and explained that I needed the full version and not the upgrade and the sales rep said that wouldn't be an issue.

    So for 60 bucks I have a brand new copy of windows 7 Professional. I was stoked.

    My problem is the file has to be downloaded from the Microsoft store......

    It gives 4 options to download. 32 Bit, 32Bit ISO, 64 Bit, & 64 Bit ISO.

    I have tried both the 64 bit versions.

    The way I did it was to download the files, drag them to my desktop, Highlight them on the desktop and then secondary click them.

    That gives the option to burn to disk. It seemed to burn to the disk just fine.

    The ISO version when ran with boot camp would display the message. Insert Bootable disc.

    The non ISO version didn't do anything.

    So long story short, what do I do????? Im guessing I could call MS and tell them to send me an actual disc but that will take some time....

    Is there a certain way to burn an ISO file to disk that would make it bootable???

    Thanks you all for reading this behemoth of a a post.

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    Try the instructions here to burn an image with Disk Utility. Let us know if you have any issues.
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    With the ISO burned onto a CD/DVD, can you put it back into the Mac and see what it looks like? If it shows you just the ISO file, then you've essentially copied the single file to the DVD. If, however, you see a bunch of directories/files, then it should be OK.

    Usually, any ISO you get from these sorts of vendors are already bootable, so you need to make sure that you burn it to the CD/DVD properly..


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