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    Post Mozilla, Firebird, Thunderbird get updates

    Mozilla, Firebird, Thunderbird get updates
    October 15, 2003 - 10:36 EDT The Mozilla Organization has released updates to Mozilla, Firebird and Thunderbird. Mozilla 1.5, the latest version of the popular open-source Web application suite, offers several improvements to MailNews and Composer, enhanced tabbed browsing, as well as the usual "improved performance, stability, standards support and Web compatibility." Firebird 0.7 is the new version of the lightweight Web browser. Mozilla's Thunderbird 0.3 is the latest update to the new standalone e-mail and news client.

    My Comments: Im having a hard time downloading from their site.. hopefully you guys will have a better time of it then I have..

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    This software needs more development before it should be considered stable, as far as I'm concerned my emails are too valuable for BETA.

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