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    Macbook w/ X3100 Graphics, Windows won't detect my monitor
    Hi all, Hopefully it's the right place to post.
    I have a 13" macbook ('08) with the X3100 intel graphics and I'm trying to work Windows XP PRO (via boot camp) with my external SamsungB2430 monitor, however windows, specifically the Intel display settings won't even detect it. It's plugged with Mini-Dvi -> Dvi cable and the "Check Signal" message DOES TURN OFF when connecting the monitor with the MB.
    Nothing works. Windows will not recognize my monitor and it detects only the mac's 13" display.

    The monitor works perfectly on my OS X, detected with no prob.
    I tried:
    1. Updating to the latest win_xp14374 driver from Intel's site.
    2. Plugging the Mini-DVI cable first / the monitor to the cable first.
    3. Updating windows. It's up-do-date and still no-go.
    4. Installing the samsung monitor drivers.
    5. Even re-Installing WinXP!!

    I've searched a lot and saw multiple posts around this subject but not one with the monitor completely undetected, so hopefully the answer will be found here.


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    Have you downloaded and installed the latest version of BootCamp (v. 3.1) - it's a windows executable you run from within XP. Also, you didn't say if you were running Snow Leopard or Leopard. If SL, reinsert the SL install disk and reinstall the drivers from there (also from within Windows).


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    May 30, 2010
    I am running Leopard, and so after upgrade I'm using Boot Camp 2.1.
    Searched for BC3 download for hours and came up empty - all I could find are updates for those who have already own the 3.0 version.

    Problem persists...

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    civets said
    The problem is solved.
    Actually, I have no Idea how because i haven't done anything new since last I checked but it's working now without any difficulty .

    Let's hope it'll stick
    thanks all!

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