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    ATI Drivers on Bootcamp
    Hi lads,

    I got myself a 2008 iMac 2.6 Ghz version and I've been struggling to install the ATI drivers for my XP SP3.

    Apparently the ATI drivers for XP from the site itself is outdated by 2 years now, and the reason I want to update was because of Battlefield BC2 to stop the god**** flickering issues.

    The only issue I got is I tried downloading the normal XP driver updates for ATI 2600 and it won't be updated no matter what. I'm quite stuck on how to get it updated.

    Did I need to do something or mod something to make it updated? I didn't bother with it back then because it was still working alright. And no matter what,I can't get the Catalyst thing to work too, but I managed after some unorthodox method of installing it, but the drivers the main issue here.

    Any kind soul out there able to help?

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    Are you running Leopard or Snow Leopard? I assume you are running in Boot Camp. Try reinstalling the drivers from your SL install disk and also updating Boot Camp (download from Apple). Do both from within Windows and see if those help.

    Good luck.

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