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    Windows 7 - Remove Increase/Decrease volume sound

    Well, I have a Macbook Pro and i have Windows 7 Installed on it.
    So the thing is that in windows 7 everytime i want to increase or decrease the sound using the keyboard (ie. Fn+F10/F11) that horrid sound (sounding like 'plip'. ) comes up (the same as in Mac OS ) In Mac i was able to remove it since there were options in preferences .
    However here in Windows i cannot find a solution. I dont lik this sound as its highly irritating and would lik to stop hearing it, though I would like to retain the function of increasing/decreasing the volume.

    Can someone tell me a solution as to how to remove the sound any tweak which can help is fine


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    someone help :(
    pls someone help

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    Not sure of a permanent solution but have you tried holding shift while pressing the volume keys?

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    nope dint help
    no dude.. dint help... tried doing that.. no avail..

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